What Makes Odoo the Best Social Media Marketing Platform?

Nowadays, social media is the most important marketing tool in the corporate world for promoting and advertising new items. For marketing and campaigning, any type or scale of business may use social media to reach a specific audience fast and efficiently. The bulk of the population today uses various sorts of social media platforms to keep up with what's going on in the world. This was beneficial to the marketing team since social media attracts a diverse range of people from all around the world who may become future customers. Being active on such social networking sites may help a firm establish popularity among its target audience for its products and services.

Odoo prioritizes the requirements of its customers by offering a specialized module for diverse business programs. Odoo's excellent Social Marketing module lets an organization interact with their community and provide updates about their product and services by handling all social media accounts and social marketing techniques. You may directly influence the visits to your accounts on social media and convert them into consumers through campaigns. Odoo's Social Marketing module is a flexible platform that connects all of your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In.

You can essentially control all of the social media accounts associated with this module from a single platform, making it more appealing than other social marketing apps. This module allows a firm to generate and publish new publications and alerts, as well as track the actions taken on the posts. If you have the Social Marketing module installed in your Odoo system, you won't need to establish several channels for content distribution. In Odoo, this is the greatest platform for staying in touch with your audience.

The characteristics of Odoo's Social Marketing module will be discussed in this blog.

You may communicate with the audience and keep them informed with fresh information and notifications about your business using the associated social media accounts in this module. New product releases and incentives can be publicized to entice customers to buy from your website. If you use this module's capabilities in the proper way, it may dramatically improve your business and sales.

If you've installed the Social Marketing module into your database, you'll find it on the Odoo main dashboard.

Feed, Posts, Campaign, Visitors, and Configurations are just a few of the options to handle in this module. Let's take a closer look at each of these options.


When you first access the module, you'll be sent to your Social Marketing module's Feed. If you've linked this module to your social media accounts, your feed will show all of the new posts and alerts from those accounts.

You may create a new stream by pressing the ‘Add a Stream' button. To make a new post to publish on your accounts, click the ‘New Post' button. On the feed, you can see how many followers or audience you have on each social media account, as well as how many likes, shares, and other engagement activities each post has received.


This field contains all freshly produced posts that were published on various social media platforms using the Social Marketing module. On the right side of each post, you'll see a preview of all the postings with their status. You can see all active social accounts linked to this module on the left side of the page, and clicking on any of them will bring you a list of reports made on that account.

To make a new post, click the ‘Create' button and fill in the data before posting it.

Select the account to whom you wish to share this material and type your message in the areas provided. Using the ‘Attach Image' option, you may add photos to your article. The ‘When' box allows you to choose the time of publishing. You have the option of sending the post right now or scheduling it for later. After you've finished writing a new post, click the 'Post' button to share it on your chosen social network accounts.


This field may be used to keep track of the status of campaigns and to establish new ones for your business. This field's dashboard shows all campaigns, which are organized into distinct states based on the actions done on them.

You may create a new stage to manage the campaigns if you wish to add more stages. By choosing the campaigns, you'll receive an overview of the leads, income, sales, and reach for each of them. Create a new campaign by clicking the ‘Create' button and giving it a name, a responsible officer, and tags.

You may send SMS, publish social postings, and send push alerts to your consumers as part of the campaign.


Odoo will keep track of the people who have visited your website or social media account. In the Social Marketing module, the ‘Visitors' column provides a list of all website visitors and their interactions. This may also be utilized to generate leads and acquire new clients.

You'll get information on the time you visited, the page you viewed, the amount of visitors, leads/opportunities, registrations, and so on. If the contact has been saved in your system, you may send them an SMS or send them an email to communicate directly with them.


Settings, Social Media, Social Accounts, and Social Streams are all configurable elements in the Social Marketing module's setup menu. You may establish a developer account for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter under this module's settings. Enabling Demo Mode on this module will provide demo data.

Social Media

From here, you may connect your social network accounts to the Social Marketing module. All of your linked accounts will be managed in one location. You may use this field to set up push notifications to deliver notifications to your website's visitors.

Social Accounts

All of the social accounts associated with the Social Networking module will be displayed in this area.

Social Streams

Social streams include post tags, mentions, keywords, and page posts. 

This is an overview of the Social Promoting module in Odoo 14, which assists you in effectively marketing your product and service as well as communicating with your audience.

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