The Complete Guide to Setting Up Rules in the Approval Module

In Odoo, the Approval application is used to deal with employee requests and executive approvals. Approvals play a critical part in keeping a company's process running smoothly. Approvals are important activities in a business or any other industry to maintain appropriate planning and executive decisions on employee requests for various business or industry tasks. Approvals are strictly based on the policies of the firm. Each firm has its own set of approval rules and regulations, which are typically based on the policies of the company. The approval application in Odoo has its own set of rules and processes that enable corporate leaders to handle everyday transactions and staff management.

This blog will give you an idea on setting up rules in the Approval  module 

Rules in Approvals 

Some approval rules come pre-installed with Odoo, but you may also write your own and apply them to the application. The extremely configurable nature of Odoo allows you to design and apply rules for your Approval module, and the application then respects the rules that you set, so if an employee wants to do anything that isn't in line with the rules, they must request permission. In Odoo, setting up an approval rule is simple. Take, for example, Purchase approvals. The approval rules for workers can be specified by the executive or administrator, as shown in the following images:

After you've created a quote, go to the Configuration tab and pick the Settings option.

This will take you to the configuration section, which looks like this:

You can change the minimum level for purchases that an employee can make without the approval of the executives from here. You can specify the current amount to whatever you want, and purchases that exceed the minimum amount will be referred to the executives for final approval. Across Odoo, the approval module works in a similar fashion. In Odoo, the rules are simple to set up, and the number of watchers for a request may be quickly set up with two or three clicks.

For better working comfort, the approval application is incorporated into the majority of Odoo's apps. Approvals work in a similar way across all applications, and you have the option to personalize them and set up restrictions based on your company's regulations. This allows for seamless work transactions across your institution's multiple platforms. The customization option can be altered at any moment, and executives can change the request rules, limiting employee discretion on essential transactions that require higher-level management judgments. Managers can also use this feature to keep a close eye on employee requests and make future plans accordingly.

The approval application is frequently used as a log keeper for employee requests and can be used in a variety of ways at an institution. The employee requests provide management with a wealth of useful information. For example, if an employee submits a purchase request, Odoo, in accordance with the company's pre-installed rules, forwards the request to the head or executive for final approval. At this point, the executive or group of executives can discuss the purchase and determine whether it is necessary for the company's operations. If it is a necessary request, the executive or group of executives can approve it. However, there are other applications that can make this process go much more quickly and easily.

Setting up and customizing Approvals 

Setting up approvals is simple and does not necessitate the expertise of a professional. The actions outlined below will assist you with the process.

  • You can make your own permission request in addition to the one that comes pre-installed.

The graphics below demonstrate how to do so:

To begin, go to the Configuration tab and pick the Approval kinds. Approval types can be easily developed. The executives will be able to sift out the request easier if you provide an approval type.

To create a new approval type click on Create :

The area for Approval modification is shown in the figure above. An employee can give the Approval type a name here. Below that, a description of the requests can be provided, as well as the option to select Automated sequencing.

And the employee can select the fields from the Fields menu in the application's options and fill in the required information. The employees can then assign the permission to the appropriate managers who are involved in the request's field.

To assign the request to the managers, the employee must select the approvers and the minimum number of approvers from the Approvers area. The employee has the authority to choose and raise the number of Approvers based on the nature of the request, allowing it to be completed much more quickly. Approval apps, like the rest of Odoo, feature a simple interface that allows for smooth communication between employees and the system.

Because of their function and relevance, approvals hold a special place in Odoo. Odoo makes sure that the approval module has access to all of the applications that require some level of executive approval. Approval aids in the smooth functioning of a company's workflow. Its unique customization option can assist you in managing your organization, as well as preventing possible institutional resource mutilation by staff. Approvals can also assist in budget planning by calculating employee requests over a period of time. As a result, you may use Odoo's Approval function in a variety of ways depending on your business's needs, and setting up a few rules along the way will help you obtain the benefits of a strong management system.

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