The Business Intelligence Tool That Makes You Work Faster


Have you ever dreamed of creating fantastic and complete reports of your revenues and sales teams’ commissions? Of being able to use filters and still have your reports’ data up-to-the-minute? Well, that dream has become a reality, thanks to Odoo 14. Our latest version comes with an intuitive tool that allows you to create reports that are automatically updated. Yes, you read correctly! Any new lead won, or new sales closed, will be automatically added to the reports. Just refresh your page and start upskilling your business intelligence practices! And, to keep up with the Odoo Style, the feature is fully integrated with ALL Odoo apps.

Advanced solution is Odoo Ready Partner.


Don’t leave this section yet, or you will miss a killer feature! With Odoo 14, you can use a fully operational and revolutionary data cleaning app. This app will help you detect and fix/remove incorrect, duplicate, or incomplete data. To do so, the Odoo Data Cleaning app introduces field cleaning and deduplication strategies.

Set up your cleaning and deduplication rules, and Odoo will suggest all the changes and merges you can process to have a database empty of useless or outdated data. That means no more time lost on verifying all your contacts’ phone numbers. Which is CRAZY, just like the rest of Odoo 14!


New and Improved Menus for Inventory & MRP