New Rental Feature, Advanced Solutions- Odoo CRM

Let's take a look at the other functions and features that have recently been introduced to the Odoo 14 CRM module in this article.

New Rental

This is a new feature that has been included in the options.

We'll have to move to the Pipeline to take a look at this.

We will see a variety of opportunities in the pipeline.

The first move is to pick one of the choices.

As seen above, the current window has a new button called New Rental.

This tab is only visible once the rental module has been mounted. That means Odoo 14 has a CRM and Rental integration. If you have not yet installed a rental module, you must do so first.

Now is the time to see what happens when we choose the New Rental option from the drop-down menu. We now have a new window in which we can put a new rental order. 

The user would be able to apply a rental order to the opportunity as a result of this.

Customer details, invoice address, shipping address, prototype, expiration date, payment terms, and so on can all be found in the picture above.

There's even a tab for Order Lines.

This makes it easier to incorporate a feature.

The customer would be able to add product definition, number, unit of metric, unit price, taxation, and other information in addition to the product name. The subtotal is also available at the top.

Here, the user can also insert coupon and promotion codes, as well as other content.

Despite the fact that the Rental module was first launched in Odoo 13, the New Rental facility was added in Odoo 14.

The new Rental choice assists companies in handling rental operations as well as client service. This functionality would certainly support a number of business activities.


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