Manage and Create online store with Advanced Solutions-Odoo

Owning your e-commerce website for the business activities would be advantageous in terms of business development and adjustment of different operating strategies for traditional retail shops. As a result, the question of how to transition to an E-commerce world emerges, as well as which channel would be the best to do so. How are the management aspects carried out? And what were the necessary tools? It has some of the big concerns that arise for an organization's director, executives, and CEOs when adapting to a newer e-commerce approach.

Odoo ERP could be the cure you're looking for. Odoo, a business-oriented total management tool, comes fully loaded with features to handle the company's activities at all stages of service. Currently, it is among the most popular open source market management platforms available, worthy of full-fledged customization to handle the activities of any business strategy. 

This due to the platform's modular design, which enables the platform's operations to be performed on specified modules of operation, enabling the platform to have specified modules of operations to cope with the all the business performance. As a result, for the management of the company's e-commerce activities, we have a dedicated website module where you can describe both the website and the e-commerce store.

 Now let's look at a few of the features that only the Odoo platform offers for e-commerce activities.

Management of E-commerce operations 

The Odoo website module makes it easier to handle e-commerce activities. You can create a website, handle e-commerce operations, and shopping sites from here. Furthermore, there are several requirements as well as modification solutions such as SEO optimization, accessory, product categorization, alternate goods, and several more.Assisting you in increasing your retail revenue and simplifying your e-commerce activities.

Advanced Solutions-Odoo E-commerce management using CRM

CRM activities are critical to the operation of e-commerce websites. Furthermore, you will have a huge number of website visitors who do not purchase your items, which can be evaluated using the Odoo platform. Furthermore, the visitor tracking features available in the Odoo platform, as well as the lead generation resources, will coexist in order to maximize market opportunities.

SEO optimization

The Odoo website developer provides an SEO optimization feature that helps you to customize the SEO elements of the webpages in the business website as well as the e-commerce portal. Besides that, to create quality content for the website, the Odoo website designer has a phrase scratching feature that can be used to change the content and pull in additional web traffic specific to the keyword.

 SEO optimization

Display content can be Customize

Regardless of how large or well-known the business is, the nature of the material, as well as its appearance, attracts more traffic to the website. You will provide personalized content and templates for e-commerce as well as web pages using the Odoo website designer. Besides that, block methods such as form block, dynamic content block, features block, and inner content block can be used to define the contents of a website in order to make it more appealing and eye-catching.

Display content

Benefits of using Advanced Solutions-Odoo E-commerce:

Here are some of the benefits of using Advanced Solutions-Odoo E-commerce:

  • Optimized modules for handling the entire operation, including packaging, distribution, inventory control, business costs, and so much more 

  • Simple interface for digital shopping 

  • Online payments and transaction methodologies optimized 

  • Direct integration with the platform's sales module.

Here are some of the benefits of just using Odoo for your e-commerce activities. You can use the Odoo website builder to create appealing websites for your business while still effectively managing e-commerce activities.

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