Inventory in Odoo 15 - A Comprehensive Overview of New Features

The Odoo 15 Inventory module is the world's most advanced inventory management system. Controlling and managing the module is straightforward because of the Odoo system's contemporary and simple interface. Inventory data handling has become more efficient because of the Odoo system's highly automated nature.

This article will offer you an overview of Odoo 15's Inventory module, as well as some new features.

Inventory Control

Inventory management has always been a pain in the neck for business owners. Inventory management is no longer a jumble with the Odoo 15 Inventory module. Every data modification will be shown and updated in the inventory data for further analysis. The data will be exchanged in real time with Odoo's Sales module, allowing salespeople to focus on their prospects and customers.

Warehouse Management 

Inventory management at the warehouse is effective and efficient. Odoo demonstrates its greatest efficiency in managing the Warehouse's complex operations. With the Odoo system, you may simultaneously manage several warehouses all over the world. This provides for flexibility in company management as well as up-to-date and accurate data on warehouse processes. You can see all of the operations in the warehouses, as well as current data updates, so you can plan ahead.

Real-time reports based on complex data are more accessible and efficient in nature with the Odoo 15 edition of the Inventory module. Salespeople will be able to focus on their prospects and clients since the data will be transferred in real time using Odoo's Sales module.


To see and manage your Warehouses, go to the Warehouses option. As seen in the picture below, you may access all sophisticated warehouse management tools there.

For configurations, go to Edit. All warehouse operations are easy to observe and control quickly thanks to the Odoo 15 system's simple user interface. Because Odoo values data communication, any complex business data will be displayed for easy viewing and analysis.

With Odoo 15, a new feature called Operations type is added to warehouse management. As seen in the picture below, you may use this functionality straight from the Inventory module's Dashboard.

To view the Operations Types, simply click on it. Which will lead you straight to the window seen in the image below.

When you select the operations type you wish to customize, Odoo will provide you with the configuration area shown in the picture below.

As seen in the picture above, you may change the Reservation method from here. This option is essentially a reservation technique for delivery or manufacturing orders based on reservations that can be classified as: At confirmation, Manually, or Before Scheduled date. Before scheduling the order, you can quickly select the reserve days for the delivery order using the Before schedule option.

Units of Measure  

In the Odoo system, there are a variety of choices for setting and using units of measurement. It is occasionally essential to handle items in multiple units of measurement. Measuring systems differ between nations, and the Odoo system's units of measure functionality aids in resolving the misunderstanding that measuring systems cause among clients all around the world. This option is simple to set up.

Go to Settings from the Odoo dashboard's configuration tab, as seen in the picture below.

To see the options for unit of measure, navigate to the product area of the settings, as seen in the image below.

As seen in the picture below, click on the Units of Measure choices to see the predefined units accessible in the Odoo system.

From this page, you can see all of the units accessible in the Odoos system. You may build and adjust your units of measure in Odoo. To do so, click the Create button as seen in the accompanying picture. As seen in the picture below, this will instantly send you to a configuration window where you may configure and enter the new unit of measure.

Fill in the required information and click Save to save the Unit of Measure in your Odoo system.

For advanced settings, click on any of the default units, as seen in the picture below.

To change the unit's default settings, choose Edit.

This functionality is present in the Odoo system's older versions. The procedure has gotten more advanced and less complicated to configure and operate on using Odoo 15. Odoo gives you the most flexibility when it comes to changing the default settings on units, making product administration and, by extension, business management a breeze.

The inventory module's features have all been updated for optimal efficiency. Odoo 15 is more powerful and quicker than previous versions. The inventory module is more efficient in data administration, and the Odoo system's sophisticated live data updating function allows you to have all of the detailed data at your fingertips.

With the new capabilities, you can have greater control and visibility over your warehouses, allowing you to manage and monitor all of your warehouses at the same time. This gives you greater managerial stability and helps you to efficiently analyze company data in order to comprehend and calculate inventory stock information. One of the benefits of adopting Odoo for business management is this. The Odoo inventory module helps you to focus more on stock reduction and stock management, allowing you to better understand the path of your business and its future.

For easy sales management, the module is tightly linked with the sales module. With the Inventory module integrated, your sales team can see goods and inventories right from the sales module. All of these capabilities of the Odoo 15 Inventory module make it simple to create your business the way you want it to be built, giving you additional insight into the future of your company.

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