How Can ERP Integration Benefit Your Company?

A huge number of personnel working in various areas are required to sustain a firm. Similarly, an effective ERP technology necessitates the integration of many tools. ERP integration refers to the coordination of ERP tools or software tools. This activity aids in the smooth and efficient operation of the company. ERP integration enables a firm to gain the assistance of the finest apps and tailor the operations, just as coordination of multiple departments helps a business to team up the best people from each department for managing different projects and operations. Before delving into the many components of ERP integration, it's important to understand the importance of ERP and the basics of integration.


Enterprise resource planning tools are software platforms that may be used to manage various activities by businesses of various sizes. IT will assist us in managing all aspects of our business, from accounting to human resource management, sales to purchasing. It will also assist the company in developing marketing strategies and ensuring the best possible customer service.

You may also use the ERP application to control operations and restrict access permissions from anywhere in the world. IT facilitates multi-company administration and allows you to conduct business in several countries. This technology may also be used to coordinate work center and fleet management without difficulties. 

ERP Integration

ERP integration is the process of connecting two or more applications or software platforms in order to manage workflow. It will also assist the company in automating its workflow. ERP integration can take several forms, including integration of various ERP modules, ERP tools, and ERP tools with third-party applications. Integration of ERP systems will assist the company in customizing and managing various applications.

Integration allows a corporation to link its software system with the software tools used by vendors and customers. This makes the sale or acquisition process go more smoothly. This also allows payment gateways to be linked to the ERP solution.

Customization, like integration with other tools, is related to integration activities. When several modules provided by the ERP provider are connected together for handling diverse activities, the ERP becomes more effective.

Integration features are more valuable for larger businesses since they have more operations to perform and tasks to perform. They are more prone to participate in multi-country and multi-currency activities since they must manage a vast amount of data. It will also require stronger human resources management, a stronger customer management system, and increased marketing capabilities.

Major Benefits of ERP Integration

The major characteristics of ERP have been highlighted. We can now examine how ERP integration can help your company. To become motivated and ensure increased performance, we may examine the relevance of ERP integration and its influence on your organization in this blog. First, let's look at the highlights of ERP integration.

Automated of Operations

The period's hallmarks are artificial intelligence and enhanced technology. We can ensure the automation of many procedures with ERP connection. IT can also assist you in coordinating the activity of many departments. Workflow tracking and control, as well as workforce management, may ensure your company's massive expansion. Document management becomes more automated as departments become more interconnected. Every invoice in sales, for example, is entered in an accounting journal.

Reduced Error and delay

Because the ERP application keeps track of employees' activities, a manager may examine their work on a regular basis, make mistakes, and offer ideas. Furthermore, activity automation aids in the resolution of difficulties such as forgetting. That is to say, when we use ERP, we have no risk of forgetting about journal entries or bank reconciliation. Similarly, product restocking, invoice production, and refunds may all be completed without errors. Furthermore, it addresses delays because the operations are automated and performed according to the time frame defined for the procedure.

Centralized data

ERP is a one-stop shop for all of your business concerns. This allows us to save all of our papers and data in one place and access it from anywhere in the world. The effort necessary for data collection and document management will be reduced with this solution. It will save your team time by eliminating the need to acquire data from other departments. This is especially beneficial to the accounting and human resources departments. If ERP connectivity is not enabled, the accounting team would be required to collect financial records and transaction information from other departments on a regular basis.

Workflow tracking

The team may now have an online network of employees thanks to ERP integration. It allows the team manager to receive updates on their subordinates' work. A single project in a business enterprise may be handled by several people. To finish the assignment efficiently, it is necessary to keep track of the work and integrate it. Every team member with access credentials may see the status of their coworker's work in Odoo.

Types of ERP integration

There are several methods of ERP integration. Using third-party software, we may examine key ERP integration types.

Integrations with Payment Gateways

Payment gateway connection is possible using Odoo modules. With the aid of these payment gateways, a firm will be able to conduct all financial transactions. Support for the integration of numerous payment gateways with Odoo may be guaranteed by an Odoo specialist. CIMB, My bank, Paytrek, Ipay88, Payment Sagepay, PayPal, We Pay, Peach Payment, Redsys etc can be integrated.

Integration of Social Media

Social media integration is a tool of the times, and an Odoo partner like Advanced Solutions is the perfect partner for you to handle it. This will assist the company in gathering information from social media about product demand, product types looked for, and so on. The program will examine this data in order to assist the company strategy properly. Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, LinkedIn, and Twilio may all be integrated with Odoo.

SMS Gateway

It's a straightforward procedure that you may utilize simply copying and pasting lines of code. Mobily SMS, Bulk SMS, Msg91, Way2SMS, and Twilio SMS are among the SMS Gateway Integrations that Odoo supports.

Docparser Integration

Odoo provides Docparser Integration to its users. This will assist the user in efficiently analyzing documents utilizing a well-known third-party program. Docparser, a Lisp-based program, may assist you in a variety of ways to organize and analyze documents in a certain fashion.

Integration with Biometric Devices

Biometric devices are currently used by the majority of businesses and organizations for attendance control. With integration support, Odoo can automate attendance management. Odoo's interface with biometric devices makes it simple to employ biometric face and thumb detection.

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