Advanced Solutions-Odoo 14 CRM

Odoo 14 CRM

Customer relationship management, or CRM, is a key function of any ERP. CRM offers the user a good view of the client and the opportunities open to them. This software solution aids the company in managing various activities such as pipeline management, sales team management, and sales team success tracking.

Odoo CRM is one of Odoo's most crucial modules. It assists users in integrating transactions with other activities and managing all customer-related events.

The CRM tool assists users in generating leads. It will even assist you in lead management. CRM also makes it easier to convert leads into opportunities.

Odoo CRM will also help you handle your events and relationships. This also aids in the management of scoring guidelines, team assignments, and lead assignments for the company.

With the help of Odoo CRM, you'll be able to set up sales teams and handle various operation categories. It also helps you to keep track of causes that have gone missing.

We will study the highlights of CRM applications before digging into the main features provided by Odoo's CRM tool

  • Increased consume

  • Business relationship

  •  Increases likelihood of purchasing 

  • Improves customer satisfaction 

  • Improves brand recognition 

  • Quick data collection 

  • Contact management 

  • Incentive analysis 

  • Quick alignment of sales

  • Uninterrupted email marketing implementation 

  • Simple social media marketing network integration

  • Easy-to-use live chat to enhance customer relationships

  • Offers customer-focused assistance

  • Assists in the analysis of consumer demand

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