7 Reasons for using Advanced Solutions- Odoo POS

The following will be the 7 reasons 

1. Payment mechanisms such as cash, credit cards, and checks  may be enabled with Odoo Point of Sale. All electronic payments are processed by outside payment terminals in Odoo Point of Sale. Odoo POS allows a single order to be paid in many ways, including as a split payment between multiple people and with different payment methods. With Odoo POS, you can establish as many points of sale as you want. Customers should order goods based on their popularity and see them displayed in various categories from a different point of sale.

2. Odoo Point of Sale assists you in categorizing and coordinating your products using hierarchical product categories and variations. The built-in search function in Odoo Point of Sale makes it simple to find products by their name, barcode, or description. You can also sell goods with custom or predetermined units of measurement and keep track of your stock. With barcode nomenclatures, Odoo POS now allows you to configure different barcodes for the same product.

3. With Odoo POS, you can keep track of the cash flow at the sales counter throughout a session or shift. In Odoo POS, the cash control function allows the user to calculate the amount of the cashbox when it is opened and closed. To implement the amount into the cash box, an opening balance may be provided. The coin/bill value and the amount in the cash box can all be entered. The total is later added by the system. While clicking the open session, the opening balance can be seen to have changed. You will receive a summary of the transactions for the period that the session is closed, and you will be able to withdraw the funds.

4. Different peripheral devices, such as a poll display, a custom display, a cash drawer, a barcode scanner, and a card reader, can be used with Odoo POS. Odoo POS, for example, can be used with most USB barcode scanners that are directly connected to your computer. Any EPSON compliant cash register can be used with Odoo POS. Cash registers may be manually opened with a key or locally opened using Odoo POS. Odoo POS can print to any printer that is compatible with a web browser. Most inkjet, laser, and thermal printers, whether connected via USB or over a network, fall into this category.

5. Odoo POS can help you set customer prices or offer percentage-based discounts on a specific transaction or a whole order. It effectively manages the sale by embedding the price, weight, and discount info relating into the barcodes. An Odoo POS can also handle many orders at once. On the printed receipts, an Odoo POS advertises existing advertisements, hours of operation, and upcoming events. With built-in search features, Odoo POS effectively tracks consumers and goods to process discounts and loyalty offers.

6. With Odoo POS, one can easily handle customer relationships by maintaining a robust database of customer information. Odoo POS recognizes customers in a few quick steps by registering their emails and contact information, or by scanning a barcode on loyalty cards. This information assists them in providing timely discounts to their clients as well as tracking individual sales.

7. One would easily operate a restaurant with Odoo POS. Odoo POS allows you to create sturdy floor plans, assign orders to tables, and get an overview of the restaurant's floors while making adjustments on the fly with the graphical editor. It aids in seat management by keeping track of visitors and providing an overview of the restaurant's capacity and available tables. An Odoo POS generally provides real-time ordering instruction to the bar and kitchen printers, taking into account customer preferences and special requests. Splitting orders allows consumers to pay individually or at different times. Furthermore, it promotes a variety of tax rates.

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